Clinical Usage of CERES Solidago Mother Tincture:


Psychoemotional usage:


  • It is indicated with renal conditions, which are emotionally connected with painful experiences in relationships and partnerships that involve separation and loss.


Physiological conditions:


·         mild diuretic,increasing renal blood flow and increasing the glomerular filtration rate without stimulating the loss of sodium and chloride

·         urinary tract infections

·         inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract

·         kidney and bladder stones

·         cystitis, nephritis

·         as an aid to toxic element detoxification treatment for increased kidney flow and filtration

Solidago Virgaurea (European Goldenrod)

  • Ingredients:

    0.67 fl. oz. (20 mL) contains fresh flowers tops of Solidago virgaurea; 55% Vol. Ethanol

  • Recommended Dosage:

    Adult and children above 11 years: 1 - 3 drops 2 - 5 times daily in pure water before meals. Consult a physician for use in children under 12 years of age. The dosage is adjusted according to the individual, the clinical appearance and the stage of the illness.

    Recommended dosage should not be exceeded.

  • Return Policy:

    Unopened product may be returned within 3 months of purchase with a 20% reshelving fee. 

    80% of purchase will be returned to customer upon distributor's repossession of product. 

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