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Service Pricing

True Wellness Membership Area $125/monthly

FLOWpresso Exclusive (formerly Initial FLOWPresso) $160

Comprehensive FLOW 60 minutes w/ Sarah (formerly Initial Lymph) $240

Ultimate FLOW Consult (formerly Full Initial) $600

Virtual IMAET Exclusive (formerly Virtual Full Initial/NO HRV) $450

Elevated FLOW (NEW/consult w/ Kelly 60 minutes +HRV) $400

Virtual Elevated FLOW (NEW/consult w/ Kelly 60 minutes/NO HRV) $350

FLOW | Fascia Lymph Optimize Wellness Manual Therapy


  • New Client Consult & Initial FLOW session – $240.00

  • Follow up FLOW Sessions:

    • 60 min FLOW- $120 -160 per hour

* New Clients will receive a 15 minute consultation with a biological practitioner, a 45 minute FLOW session, and (1) bottle of homeopathic cream for lymphatic support. Subsequent visits will be priced as above provided active client status is maintained.

** Pricing is for active True Wellness clients (office visit within last six months). Active client pricing is maintained by obtaining (1)FLOW session per quarter. Inactive clients can obtain special pricing after scheduling a 20 minute wellness appointment and Heart Rate VariabilityTest (HRV).

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Heart Rate Variability – $75.00

Heart Rate Variability, 2nd – $50.00

Contact Regulation Thermography – $250.00

Hair Mineral Analysis (test only) – $200.00

Hair Mineral Analysis & 30 min consult – $320.00

Hair Mineral Analysis, 2nd (test only) – $100.00

Restoration Services

Ear Candling – $90.00 + price of candles ($4 each)

Rapid Release Technique – Practitioner Rate

Scar Therapy with RRT – $125.00

Cupping- Practitioner Rates Apply

NasoTherapy with Wellness Assistant* – $75.00 (30 minute session)

(Homeopathics used in therapy are charged accordingly)

Sound of Soul –  $400 1st hour/Initial session, $200 each 1/2 hour follow up

Rapid FLOW – 60 min $160

FLOWpresso Therapy- 40 minute session

  • $160 Initial FLOWpresso Session

  • $90 Follow Up Sessions

  • Package and Memberships are available

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Ion Cleanse ® Detox Foot Bath

Single Session

  • $45.00 (Inactive client-a la carte’)

  • $35.00 (Active client-has received other therapies as part of a treatment plan within the last year)

Yoga & Breathwork - Call for Pricing

*Additional nominal supply fee applies.

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