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Mission Statement

NOTMEDS is a group of Naturally Oriented Therapist, Medically Enlightened Doctors and Specialist with a shared understanding that the heart is the center of all inner balance, and that innate intelligence is the only thing that connects the entire body. The mission of NOTMEDS is to offer clients and practitioners vetted information and referrals based on over 20 years in the field of natural restoration with a discerning scientific mind that will ask the hard questions and make it easy to understand brought to you through interviews via podcast and video chats of how the body really works.  

We look forward inspiring you, please ask us anything you want to know.  We will research it, find the truth and bring you the interview to discover with us the science of healing and how the body really works with NOTMEDS. 

NOTMEDS Global is a Tribute to Heidi Sullivan

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