Our first season of

"The Beats" podcast is out now

and airing new episodes

every Sunday at 9am!

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Kelly was a guest on Cell TV to discuss 

"How to Optimize Your Lymphatic Flow"! 

Kelly appeared on Ben Azadi's "Keto Kamp" podcast and reveals how to practice dry brushing, why cancer is a symptom and not the problem, the role of the lymphatic system and the fascia, and more! 

Kelly sits down to explain the Sound of Soul technology in depth; what it is, what it does, and why everyone needs this revolutionary therapy to open their heart and reconnect them with their own beauty and connection to everything.

The Top 3 Things That Clog the Lymphatic System!

Kelly was on Diane Kazer's podcast,

"Cleanse, Heal, Ignite",

talking about the missing link to health:  LYMPH!

<-- Watch the video for a preview of the podcast and click HERE to go to the full episode!

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