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Check out our guides! They contain years of accumulated knowledge that you need to

ENHANCE your health!

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Have you found our Book Shelf?

Stocked with our favorite must reads for anyones wellness journey.


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Every Sunday, Kelly Kennedy sits down with a special guest to share with the cutting edge information, technology, and approach that could take your health to the next level. Be sure to join us and to SUBSCRIBE to never miss a BEAT!

The Beats Is now available on apple, google, spotify, youtube, and of course our website.

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Heart Rate Variability with Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen and Kelly Kennedy 3 Hours of in-depth

We have put together a 10 hour class series for you to learn How the Body Really Works!

-4 Hour of Heart Rate Variability with Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen

-3 hours of Lymphatic Regulation with Michele Nelson

-3 hours of Breath & Emotions with Ian Kennedy

The Ultimate Master Wellness Series. 


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