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Dental Health Guide

The Relationship Between Teeth & Our Overall Health

The health of our teeth and our general health are intimately connected. This subject is something that all clients here at True Wellness are made aware of: that the health of our teeth and our general health are intimately connected. This understanding is nothing new in European Biological Medicine. We at True Wellness are not dentists; our interest in our clients’ teeth is from the relationship between the teeth and organs.

An important thing to remember about our teeth besides brushing them is that our teeth are not bone and are not dead. Nothing in our body is. Every tooth is a living component of our body. Each tooth is connected to and influences different meridian pathways within our body. For instance, our two front teeth that we wanted for Christmas are connected to the Kidney/Bladder meridian, which not only influences those organs but also can be related to fear, shame, helplessness and exhaustion. Our canine teeth, the incisors, are related to the Liver and Gallbladder energy pathway and function.

Our teeth are made up of living tissue and have approximately five miles of tubulars within them. Our teeth take in nutrition and expel waste. Our teeth have circulation, our teeth are alive. This is important to understand because it can change the way we understand how important our teeth are to the rest of our body. They are not just the tools we use to chew our food.

Whenever our teeth are disturbed through trauma, drilling, filling, root canals, braces or surgeries, the potential of a negative effect on the distant organ or system that the tooth or teeth have influence over is increased. Over our lifetime many things can happen to our teeth. By the time we are middle aged, many have fillings, implants and some root canals. The average American has nine amalgam fillings. Amalgams are blends of different metals, including mercury, used to fill cavities.

Addressing the amalgam filling issue is more than this brief article can withstand. So for now the simple understanding that inorganic substances like metals, when placed within living tissue such as our teeth, tend to disturb the normal regulation and function of the related distant organ system.

Taking care of our teeth is much more than a bi-yearly cleanings at the dentist and brushing after meals. Taking care of our teeth means taking care of our whole body. Keeping our teeth from harm and disease is a powerful step in natural healing and long term wellness.

Our Recommended Toothpaste

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Are you aware of  the dangers of your mercury fillings?

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