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Kelly Kennedy is a much sought-after practitioner in the life-changing paradigm of BioRegulatory Medicine. 


Each week she will introduce you to a different element of this revolutionary medicine, joined by friends and colleagues from around the world.

New episodes posted every Sunday,

from our hearts to yours.

Our good friend whom we lost this year, Heidi Sullivan, created this original idea for me to do a podcast and she came up with the name and tagline and the podcast cover photo was taken the last moments of the last time I was with that dear soul; we were in Baden Baden, Germany with Dr. James Odell and Christy Byers and she bought us all that hot chocolate.  Heidi’s shared dream was to get the message of BioRegulatory Medicine out there (evidenced by all her work in  I want to continue her legacy by doing just that.


My dream is to help everyone understand the power of their own body and the beauty inside that perfectly heals, once all the blockades and causative agents to healing are removed. There is always a physical side to our bodies and while we continue to educate them on each aspect of that, we will come to center and remind them that without love, joy and true happiness, there cannot be true wellness or healing and HOW THE BODY REALLY WORKS.


If you are unfamiliar with SOUND OF SOUL here is that background: I met Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen 2 years ago in Baden Baden, Germany.  He has created a wellness device that essentially converts a person’s unique heart rate variability (heart rate frequency) into sound and light (frequencies).  When this sound and light of that individual is “converted or played back” to them it can be achieved to have complete resonance and harmony within the body.  This feeling is often visceral and relaxes the individual often to tears.  This program is Rasmus’ creation having two PHDs in water science, working with Massaru Emoto for over 17 years and not being able to disprove that water crystals can change when thought is applied to them, however it wasn’t constant.  He found when the heart was played to water however -there were always beautiful water crystals.  And why not?  The heart of the matter is we are all beautiful inside.  


So when we REALLY know and accept that we are all beautiful and that the power for all healing comes from within us, we realize how magical we all are, how connected to source, GOD, light, energy, each other we all are and how magical being human truly is.  


From our hearts to yours, we are all magical!


Kelly Kennedy

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